‘I Gave It Up For Music – To Write About The Stars.’

One wintry late afternoon in a dusty, decrepit office a close encounter with a Rolling Stones album changed me from a legal secretary in Scotland, into a celebrity biographer.

Many books, in several languages, later my passion for uncovering the truth of someone’s life story is as bright as ever.

Along the way I have been, by turns, highly acclaimed and slaughtered by critics, and insulted, even threatened, by others but throughout, rewarded by the tremendous feedback from my readers.

It’s exciting interviewing the stars, more daunting appearing on TV and radio is tougher than one might imagine! A definite highlight, was when my Kiefer Sutherland book formed the basis for The Biography Channel’s show on Kiefer, on which both Kiefer and I appear.

It’s an intriguing world for a biographer and the possibilities for delving into new stories are infinite.

The hard work is offset by an enthusiasm that still burns - I hope people continue to enjoy my work.